Incoming Holo-Net transmission to TIE Corps Fleet-wide Communications
Origin: ISDII Hammer - Classified location
Sender: Colonel Master, Gamma Squadron CO
Contents: Gamma Squadron Report #2
Time: March 17 2011
Please wait....
Trying to reconnect.....
Please wait...
Signal established.....
Signal -EH Vorn 235 9283 726
WARNING - Restricted host.
Signal Authenticity cannot be verified.
Please report to the EH Security Office immediately.

//"In the days of Vader, a guided Emperor shall sit upon the throne of aurebesh"//

//"The ballad of the skywalkers will be sung, and the solo will chew upon the fabric of time"//

//"Not of us, not of them but something more, He will come. Born in darkness, raised in the light, he will come, he will conquer, he will save"//

//"Instructed by the dark, the light and the honor of blue, he will rise, he will learn and he will understand"//

//"Damned, he will be our greatest salvation, our greatest curse, our only hope"//

//"Wing of Intruder shall fan the flames of old. The sound of the Hammer shall beat upon the anvil of creation"//

//"He will be returned to the darkness, punished for the tears of the galaxy, the judgment of the few shall cost us many"//

//"Ideals can never die. You can be chained, you can be broken, you can be battered, but ideals are eternal, as shall it be for all time"//

//"In the time of the faithless invaders, a seed shall be planted and a foolish child shall begin his quest to unite the galaxy within a fist of pain"//

//"Before the red haired hand's fall, the trees shall scream, and a sacrifice shall roar around existence"//

//"The King shall return from the place of darkness, Strong, Resilient, Powerful. He will return to the world that shaped him"//

//"The Hammer shall beat anew, challenging creation and its rite upon the world"//

//"Lest darkness find its way into the saviors heart then bane be to the world and life eternal"//

//"Darkness must be battled with light. The Horsemen must return. Lest all be doomed"//

***~CMDR's Wild Rant~***
"Is this a job for an intelligent man"?
"Well, show me one and I'll ask him".

Oooh lookie a second report!
Bit later than i would have liked but you cant rush greatness.
So without further procrastination here be the report goodness!

This report proudly brought to you by the Office of the Fleet Commander.
Gotta love Halloween Prank Banners!


***~Squadron News~***
*Operation: This will probably end badly...*
/me goes to find the rolled newspaper of doom!


You have until Sunday to reply.
Individual emails inbound.
So very disappointed....

Oh except for you Crsepe, you get a cookie.

*Operation: 4H*
/me laughs insanely.....
By the time you work out whats going on... it will be far too late....

More info to come.

*Competition: Awesomeness*
Competitions still on!
So far no submissions!

Still lots of time to win shinys.
Start: Now!
End: Tue 22 March 2011 - 00:00 GMT.
Awards: IS-BR for winning submission - Pat on the back for anyone else.
Gamma Squadron doesn’t have a banner...
It’s like a man without a.... nevermind...
We must have one... we need one...
Stick figure banners welcome.
And I shall call you...
Start: Now!
End: Tue 22 March 2011 - 00:00 GMT.
Awards: IS-BR for winning submission - Hug for anyone else.
We have no soul!!!!!!
You must create an identity for Gamma Squadron.
We need a Motto, Nickname.
The flights need the same.
Try to have one general overall theme but I'm not choosy.

*Flight Leader Required!*
Flight Leader found.
More information forthcoming.

*Facey B for sh*ts and giggles...*
Add me on Facebook today!
Get squadron posts, cool random quips, and Gamma propaganda.
Marcus Black -

*Tattoo my pretty*
Nurse Darklord is ready to give you all your mandatory 'Property of Gamma Squadron' tattoos on your left butt cheek.
Tattoo's are mandatory and will resist all efforts to remove/cover them.
They also have a tendency to burn when away from the squadron for long periods/in time of need.
Gamma Squadron for life!

*Master's Mighty Mission of the Week! - Redux*
Start: Now!
End:  00:00 GMT Monday Each Week.
Awards: IS-BW's
In an effort to promote good missions, lots of medals and good old competitive spirit each week I’m going to nominate a free/battle/map.
Highest scorer after 4 rounds will win a IS-BW
Any pilot who scores higher than me after 4 rounds will also receive a IS-BW
Pilot files will be due no later than Monday 00:00 GMT each week.
Last weeks mission scores:
XWA-FREE #136 – Master’s Birthday Bonanza

COL Master - 2925
Well i won :P

Lets see if someone can beat me this week!

This weeks mission:
IWATS Course - TIE Fighter

*The Black of Black*
Honor must be paid.
With blood..
With sweat...
With tears....
Become the greatest.. or fall forever...
Best pilot at the end of each month will be given the Honor of being proclaimed Black 1 in homage of arguably the most awesomely dangerous squadron in Imperial History.
Black Squadron.
Winner will be announced the first of each month.
Winner will win a IS-BR as well as supreme bragging rights for the month.
Choice is at Squadron Commanders discretion.
Choice will be based on the usual things like activity, awesomeness and bribes.

*Gamma Squadron Supremacy Tour*
Coming Soon to a squadron near you....

*Fresh Meat!*
We must have fresh meat!
We must have more recruits!
Recruit someone to Gamma Today!

*Gamma Squadron Board of Awesomeness...*
Go post today!

*Gamma Squadron Website*
Coming soon to a browser near you....

*Mailing list of Doom...*

***~Wing News~***
We need a Wing Commander Big Badd Booty Daddy!
If you think you have what it takes, then email the TCCOM as to why you think you’re the man.
***~Fleet News~***
*EH Awesomeness*
*TACCy Goodness*
Keep up to date with TAC Awesomeness, comps released stuff and more!
***~Squadron Orders~***
~Report in to Master
~Competition: Awesomeness
~Master's Mighty Mission of the Week!
~Fly a FREE mission
~Take an IWATS test
*Squadron Standing Orders.*
I don’t ask much from me pilots BUT I EXPECT that EVERY WEEK you have to do one of the following (or something similar):
·         Fly something from the Mission Compendium
·         Take and IWATS Course/or whatever
·         Add a piece of fiction to a run-on
·         Submit a fiction
·         Create a graphic
·         Submit something for the Squadron Report (Fiction etc)
Flight Leaders you will soon be expected to write weekly flight reports.
Worst case scenario, drop me an email at the very least!
We can talk about the weather for all i care! :P
You’re just expected to do something, unless your name is Septhiroth or Steele, your not allowed to idle!
***~The Usual Suspects~***
“Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici”
High Chieftain Master
03/12 - Completed Squadron Management 4 (80%) - yeah i'm disappointed too, have to go back and try again.
03/14 - Put in an appearance for multiplayer event. - didn't fly, XWA broke...
03/15 - Fixed XWA!!!!
03/15 Submitted BSF - XWA-FREE #136 – Master’s Birthday Bonanza
03/? Mission Creation
03/? Fiction
03/? IRC
03/? Message board activity
03/? Classified
Warrior Viper
03/08 No contact as yet - BAD
High Warrior Aija Alura Judarrl
03/08 No contact as yet -DOUBLELY BAD
Warrior Crsepe
03/10 Reported In! - Good pilot.
03/? Message board activity
03/? IRC
Warrior Matt Dante
03/08 No contact as yet - NAUGHTY
Warrior Curtis
03/08 No contact as yet - BAD!
***~Hammer's Most Wanted~***
Gamma Squadron - Long-range support
NICKNAME: Enter your Submission Now!
MOTTO: Enter your Submission Now!
Nickname: Enter your Submission Now!
Motto: Enter your Submission Now!
[1] COL Master ( #2118
[2] TBA
[3] TBA
[4] CPT Viper ( #2662
Nickname: Enter your Submission Now!
Motto: Enter your Submission Now!
[5] CPT Aija Alura Judarrl ( #3446
[6] CPT Crsepe ( #313
[7] CPT Matt Dante ( #2518
[8] LC Cutris ( #2694
Nickname: Enter your Submission Now!
Motto: Enter your Submission Now!
[9] TBA
[10] TBA
[11] TBA
[12] TBA
***~Dark Lord of the Week~***
The highly prestigious title of Pimp Lord of the Week is only given to the person who has most advanced the success of the Squadron, amused the CMDR, or slipped me the 
most $5 notes in a brown paper bag. 

This week's winner is:
Warrior Crsepe
For reading my previous report and reporting in!
***~Ewok of the Week~***
Yub Yub!
Every story has a hero, every journey has a first step, every Fleet has a pilot who's about as much use as an ashtray on a speeder bike.
This week’s Prize Ho is none other than:
BAD Gamma Pilots! BAD
***~Quote of the Week~***
<`Master> hmmmm, wheres that ender when u need him
He dead
I say you, he dead.
ender is eternal
ender dead unable
The Search for Ender. Sounds like a good name for a battle :P

* @Havok ( Quit (Quit: VERY FUNNY Scottie. Now beam down my clothes!)

***~Site of the Week~***
Get XWA and other games to work on Win 7 64bit!
***~Final Comments~***
So endeth the second report.
Keep an eye on the Message Boards for the upcoming Gamma Squadron Runon of Awesomeness.

Until then do your duty!
"Sure, I could have stayed in the past. I could have even been king".
"But in my own way, I *am* king".

"Hail to the king, baby".

Respectfully Submitted,
CMDR/COL Master/Gamma/Wing I/ISDII Hammer [OPTI] [Marksman 2nd]
{IU:C/TC, WM, ICQ, TLN, CBX, BOT, FLA, GFX, HIST, M/1/2, SM/2/3/4}

Fleet Admiral (ret.), General (ret.)
Wing Commander - Wing X (ret.) Squadron Commander - Tornado (ret.), Squadron Commander - Tempest (ret.)
TAC Office - Tactical Officer (ret.), CA:TAC (ret.), TACA (ret.)
IWATS - Professor (ret.)

"Days never finished... Master's got me working.... Someday Master set me free...."


© Copyright - COL Master & the Emperor's Hammer 2011.

By reading this fine print, your soul now belongs to Gamma Squadron.
It will be tattooed, beaten, drunk and raped before being returned.
Thank you and have a nice day!