Colonel Master
CMDR/COL Master/Gamma Flight 1-1/Wing I/ISDII Hammer [OPTI] [Marksman 2nd]
{IU:C/TC, WM, ICQ, TLN, CBX, BOT, FLA, GFX, HIST, M/1/2, SM/2/3/4}
Status:  Active
Date Enlisted:  2/14/2001 (10 years, 2 months)
Rank:  Colonel (9/14/2007)
FCHG Rank:  Optio (1687 points)
Location:  Perth, Western Australia
Contact Info: Email:
IRC: `Master
XFire: admaster
Facebook: Here
Xbox Live: 

Medals:  Grand Order of the Emperor
Gold Star of the Empire x 5
Silver Star of the Empire x 4
Bronze Star of the Empire x 7
Palpatine Crescent x 7
Imperial Security Medal x 16
Medal of Tactics - Red Hammer x 2
Medal of Tactics - Green Hammer x 8
Medal of Tactics - Blue Hammer x 27
Iron Star - Bronze Wings x 47
Iron Star - Bronze Ribbon x 5
Iron Star - Silver Wings x 11
Iron Star - Silver Ribbon x 5
Iron Star - Gold Ribbon x 4
Iron Star - Platinum Ribbon
Legion of Combat (15 victories)
   Copper Scimitar x 3
Distinguished Flying Cross - (1 victories)
   Regular x 1
Medal of Communication - Bronze Oak Cluster x 3
Medal of Communication - Silver Oak Cluster
Commendation of Loyalty x 4
Commendation of Bravery
Letter of Achievement x 7
Order of the Vanguard - Eighth Echelon
Quote:  "Fear attracts the Fearful; The Strong; The Weak; The Innocent....Fear is my Ally"
Updated 04/11/2011

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Total Missions Flown: 1552

Battles Completed: 258
Free Missions Completed: 181

Battle High Scores: 0
Mission High Scores: 4
XvT-HF #1: Torch Squadron: Pirate Trouble Mission 4: Score: 34900
XvT-ID #2: Praetorian Squadron: Capture the Flag Mission 2: Score: 16297
XvT-ID #2: Praetorian Squadron: Capture the Flag Mission 3: Score: 27354

Battles and Free Missions Created: 9
    XWA-TC #23 - The Unknown Regions - Thrawn's Fist
    XWA-TC #42 - ECR V - Training Manoeuvres
(Co-Creation with COL Locke Setzer) 
       XWA-FREE #67 - The Eye of the Storm
    XWA-FREE #110 - The Trouble with Water
    XWA-FREE #112 - Birth of a Rebellion
    XWA-FREE #114 - Praetorian Squadron: Booze Wars
    XWA-FREE #116 - Imperial Historical Mission: 02AY
    XWA-FREE #126 - A Spanner in the Works
    XWA-FREE #127 - Your Final Test
    XWA-FREE #133 - Dream Sequence


MIS Intruder

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